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Change Your Visuals with Poster Store

I like what the prints on the wall are saying!

Already, I knew I was off to a good start. Because, for approximately nine months, those walls stood bare, void. Void of anything other than the brush strokes of the urban nights and white paints, I'd coated them with. A bit of wall art, the idea of some posters, dabbled around in my head, but none took hold. Only that I'd like a splash of gold here and some there. So Instead, pristine walls favoured wall decorations until the Poster Store.

New York and Wanderlust

There's such a thing as being spoilt for choice. And having spent the better part of a sunny afternoon dropping seven love-themed prints in my basket, this became apparent.

It didn't help it was a Tuesday afternoon, and Poster Store had just released their new collection. It's something they do every Tuesday. And with prints available at the equivalent of the average latte, that is easily done. Another peruse of their Maps & Cities unique themed posters says I wouldn't have sufficient wall space for the gallery wall, tailoring in my head. So I popped out of this category. A New York poster and a black matte frame to match, following me to my basket.

The Wanderlust in me wanted just that, and so I took to Sailing into The Sunset. Even more eye-catching in a 50 x 70cm print. I love how the wind catches the sails, seemingly sailing off into the sunset with you. The notion of escaping off to somewhere capricious, that feeling of a warm ocean breeze on my skin.

Placed decidedly behind my desk, it's already drawn its conversation on zoom calls.

Sunset Girl Poster

The Sunset Girl Poster, a little dreamy, a little wistful, suggestive even, isn't it? Of the amorous end of days spent in the golden afternoon sun. This print being such a statement piece, I felt it would have been unjustified to team it with anything other than something simplistic, chic, something just as seductive.

You Me, Bed Now, Lets get Naked

And in the Love & Romantic category, I found precisely the prints Bed Now and You Me to effortlessly complement this poster. Though, this was not all down to me because having chosen the Bed Now, the site conveniently suggested the other. So, again, doing easy work of this. But because I couldn't help myself, I dropped Let's Get Naked in to complete the visuals. The latter, I hung wonky for effect. Hence, 'I like everything the prints on the wall are saying'.

Here, shiny gold picture frames contained those monochrome tones and brought it all together with a beautiful finish.

There shouldn't be any questions as to which space those prints occupy, and they work well. Bringing that little allure and adding a little of my personality to the room.

These Scandinavian design, posters and frames will have you inspired. Designing your own gallery wall like the professional interior designer you didn't hire. From a print suitably sized to sit on your desk space to your most generous wall spaces, there are seven print sizes and eight frame options to choose from. My only regret being, I didn't select them all in sizes 50cm x 70cm and above.

Furthermore, all their posters are printed on sustainably produced high-quality paper.

So how will you change up your visuals?

Not combinable with other discount campaigns. Valid until the 21st of July.

Did any of these hold your attention? Or has another print(s) from their other collections called out to the interior designer in you?

This is a sponsored post, but all views are my own, and I earn no commissions from purchases.

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