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Want to Dine at an Award-Winning Luxury Restaurant?

Would you like to dine at an award-winning design luxury restaurant? Then the restaurant Mei Ume at Four Seasons Trinity Square in the repurposed former London Port Authority Headquarters across from the Tower of London is such a 'ticket!'

The enamel plum blossoms painted onto a near floor to ceiling glass at the entrance to

Mei Ume must surely be the red carpet equivalent upright. The immediate thought on approaching this glass is 'Instagram worthy.'

An upward glance to the roof space appears to be the only 'dalliancing' reference to the rooms historical past. At eye level, reds; silk embroidery; columns, metal motifs and lacquer quietly theme the decor with the cuisine.

It's a four-page a la carte menu conveniently categorised into fifteen sections. Gracing the top of the list is Mei Ume's standout signature dishes of 'Stir-Fried Native Lobster and Wagyu Beef Dumplings. Followed by the starter equivalent 'Small Eat', Soup and Moriawase. Further down the list are the Fish, Meats, Vegetables and remaining options.

Fish followed by pork are my leading choices on any restaurant menu. Accordingly, steamed Chilean sea bass, Shanghai braised pork ribs (from the small eat section), crispy shredded veal with chilli and mango with portions of jasmine steamed rice, gai lan and a selection of 6 Kind sushi chose their way from the menu to the table. Incidentally, gai lan looks more in common with long stemmed broccoli but has a taste more prevalent with that of Brussels sprouts.

A rack of ribs on the menu in an esteemed residence such as a Four Seasons would amply give palpitations. Why? Because a rack of ribs is best savoured when eaten with your hands! Imagine the wonderfully surprised, raised eyebrows when the waiter said, 'you can eat with your hands!' Not to mention, the ribs are sliced at the table for you! You would be forgiven for thinking you will be fork fed your ribs but be assured the service stops there. The ribs were really good, the steamed fish - satisfying!

With the exception of the coconut and mango flavoured iced mochis, the dishes were are all served at once and in the traditional Asian way - to share.

There is no disregard to the remainder of the meal choices but these remain traditional and somewhat subdued. After lunch, a plate of sugary sweet coconut treats makes a surprise entrance onto the table.

Mei Ume spaciously seats forty-eight and if a further forty-seven guests seem too many, Mei Ume offers a thirteen seat private dining area. The background music is sufficiently audible to enrich conversation at the table and meals arrived in under twenty minutes of being ordered.

There are no show kitchens or outwardly views but the venue is amply ambient.

With a 'no dress code' policy (implying guests are allowed to be as dolled up or not as they desire); dishes served to share and waiters who speak as comfortably with you as they would their catholic priest, Mei Ume makes for very traditional Chinese and Japanese dishes in a stylish venue with a distinctly relaxed atmosphere.

Where: 10 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4AJ

When: Monday – Saturday 12:00 to 14:15; Monday – Saturday 18:00 to 22:15

Website: www.meiume.com


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