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Quarantine Quick 5 Minute Sorbets

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Don't fancy making another smoothie with your over ripened or leftover fruit?

Here is a quick and summery alternative!

I was placing a punnet of strawberries in the freezer, to prevent them from going sour before we could eat them, when I discovered another punnet of strawberries already in the freezer.

It didn't end there; there was another container of frozen cherries, another with mangoes and another of frozen grapes. The latter is the chosen way my teenager likes to eat her grapes in the summer. Still, there was a pattern emerging. I was rounding up the fruits in the freezer but never taking them out for the parade.

Today was not overly warm, but I fancied something cold and fruity fresh. Something quick and something easy! And as it is 'Quarantine Quick' - only three ingredients are required, and is ready in approximately five minutes.


1 x Punnet of Strawberries (300g)

4 x tbsp of Rich and Dark Agave Nectar

Juice of half a small lemon


Place the frozen strawberries (washed and de-leafed) into the blender along with the nectar and lemon juice. Blend for approximately four minutes or until all the fruits have been blended.

That is it. The strawberry sorbet is ready to serve. The lemon juice truly gives the sorbet that extra freshness.

For an adulterated twist, add a dash of your favourite summer tipple!

Replace the strawberries with a fruit of your choice of frozen, sweetened fruit deliciousness. I also tried with 300g of frozen diced and ripened mango. The mango sorbet was the creamiest of the three flavours and very rich. I found one mouthful at a time was satisfyingly delicious.

Using the exact measurements above I swapped the strawberries for 300g of frozen Santina cherries. The latter was a great idea until I realised halving and de-seeding cherries is - well, not that exciting. But guess what? Of the three fruit flavoured sorbets made, the cherry sorbet drew the most 'oohs!' So much so, I kept eating it during the blending process. The flavour truly packed a full punch! This sorbet is the one I would reach for again and again just as is.

If using tangy fruits such as kiwis the lemon juice can be omitted.

Start putting your leftover fruits in the freezer or purchase ready frozen fruits. On those hot days, get ready to whip yourself up something quick, easy and 'summerlicious!'

Serves 2

Using 300g of fruit serves two small portions or one personal serving (3 scoops) of sorbet.


Note 1 - Times based on Vonshef Blender

Note 2 - Used the Agave Nectar Rich and Dark to enhance the sweetness and colour of the fruit.

Note 3 - If the sorbet slushes during the blending process, place in the freezer for approximately 2 hours.

Disclaimer: This is not an advert for any of the products mentioned.


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