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Quarantine Quick Mackerel Salad

Have you been eating more but moving less?

If like myself, the answer is yes here's a quick (as in less than thirty minutes) and versatile salad to have any time of the day. Not only is it quick but only requires three ingredients we most likely already have in the refrigerator or can readily find at the supermarket!


☑️ 1 x Tinned Mackerel fillets

☑️ 1/2 Bell pepper

☑️ 1/3 of a large cucumber

Dressing: A toss of salt, Eaton's scotch bonnet pepper sauce and french dressing


1️⃣ Partly peel the cucumber (this adds text and colour), roughly dice and add a toss of salt!

2️⃣ Chop bell pepper into bitesize chunks and add to cucumber. I'd recommend red or orange as they tend to have a sweeter flavour.

3️⃣ Drain most of the oil off the mackerel and add to the above.

4️⃣ For a bit of a twist, add a tiny dash of scotch bonnet pepper sauce and french dressing!

It's crispy and fresh! Lovely as a breakfast, lunch or snack option.

And makes for a great summer essential, don't you think?

Side note - for this, I used mackerel in olive oil. Alternatives are mackerel in sunflower oil or tuna!

This recipe serves 1


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