It was Mark Twain who once said '20 years from now we will be more disappointed by the things we didn't do than by the things we did do.'

And that is very true, as I am already disappointed in not having started this TRAVEL BLOG four years ago when I first thought of it!


But heho … I stand in the belief and (the cup of black coffee I am drinking) that nothing happens before its time!

Do you know, the first time I travelled I was 16 years. Back then you were allowed in-flight visits to the cockpit. This child of mines laughs at me each time I say that, as not yet 16 herself but has crisscrossed the globe.  The downside of being my co-pilot I suppose!

West Indian by birth, I grew up on an island in the Caribbean called Montserrat and I now live in the UK.
And I know what you are thinking.. OMG Why did you leave? Well a volcano had me expelled! Nothing more exciting than that!  


Now as pretty as my little island is, I somehow don't see that I would have been able to travel as I have, had I remained living there.  TRAVEL has indulged my curiosity and has been an unending passion and influencer of mines. From a degree in Travel Management to working with airlines; travel agencies; London 5 star Hotels and the naming my daughter! As a former boss of mines would say 'I am so pleased you had a bit of taste in your hotels'. LOL

Eaten freshly caught mussels in Scotland; partied until dawn at the Gap in Barbados and once had to make a swift exit from a live snake being brought to breakfast in Vietnam.  Immigrations in the Middle East have allowed me entry more times than I have years and in turn the Burj al Arab, St Regis Saadiyat Island and St Regis Abu Dhabi all agreed I could stay!  But so too did the beautiful Badrutts Palace, The Dorchester Hotel, Sofitel Legend Metropole

It has not all been plain sailing mind - I was once denied entry into Prague and another time pulled aside at emigrations in Istanbul and questioned. 'Madam is the child travelling with you yours?' No I bought her in Vietnam (Is what I thought to say and then thought differently). LOL!

Anyway, If you have read this far - thank you and welcome! I am Beverly or as some call me Bevelar a 'GIRL WELL TRAVELLED.'

This is your invite to subscribe to; follow; get in touch; collaborate and journey with me one blog at a time on this adventure!


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