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Mark Twain once said, '20 years from now; we will be more disappointed by the things we didn't do than by the things we did do.'

And that is so true. As I am already disappointed in not having started this TRAVEL BLOG four years ago when I first thought of it!


But heho … I stand in the belief and (the cup of black coffee I am drinking) that nothing happens before its time!

Do you know, the first time I travelled I was 16 years. Back then, you were allowed in-flight visits to the cockpit. This child of mines laughs at me each time I say that as not yet 16 herself but has crisscrossed the globe.  The downside of being my co-pilot, I suppose!

West Indian by birth, I grew up on an island in the Caribbean called Montserrat, and I now live in the UK.
And I know what you are thinking... OMG, Why did you leave? Well, a volcano had me expelled! Nothing more exciting than that!  


Now, as pretty as my little island is, I somehow don't see that I would have been able to travel as I have, had I remained living there. TRAVEL has indulged my curiosity and has been an unending passion and influencer of mines. From a degree in Travel Management to working with airlines, travel agencies, London 5 star Hotels, and my daughter's naming! As a former boss of mines would say, 'I am so pleased you had a bit of taste in your hotels'. LOL

Eaten freshly caught mussels in Scotland; partied until dawn at the Gap in Barbados and once had to make a swift exit from a live snake being brought to breakfast in Vietnam.  Immigrations in the Middle East have allowed me entry more times than I have years, and in turn, the Burj al Arab, St Regis Saadiyat Island and St Regis Abu Dhabi all agreed I could stay!  But so too did the beautiful Badrutts Palace, The Dorchester Hotel, Sofitel Legend Metropole

It has not all been plain sailing mind - I was once denied entry into Prague and another time pulled aside at emigrations in Istanbul and questioned. 'Madam, is the child travelling with you yours?' No, I bought her in Vietnam (Which I thought to say and then thought differently). LOL!

Anyway, If you have read this far - thank you and welcome! I am Beverly, or as some call me Bevelar a 'GIRL WELL TRAVELLED.'

This is your invite to subscribe to; follow; get in touch; collaborate and journey with me one lifestyle, travel or dining review at a time on this adventure!


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