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Discover The Art of Apericena, An Italian Dining Experience at Four Seasons, London Park Lane

It is exactly 17:00 hours and I am walking out the office door. London is basking in glorious sunshine. It would truly be anything but ungracious not to.

Between Hamilton Place and Old Park Lane, I've discovered this partially secluded garden. In this garden, is The Terrace both belong to the Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane. Somehow, the car engines and tooting on either side have no overbearing effect on the peace and tranquillity bestowed by this beautifully shaded space. It is satisfactorily quiet to enjoy a wonderful conversation but sufficiently lively to remind you you are in Central London. Atmospheric, too, and that leaves you wanting to linger.

Some cosy seats in the corner on the upper level of the Terrace, a glass of Aperol spritz, black pepper crackers and mixed nuts later are already proving to be a superb discovery.

This shortly followed with focaccia with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, crunchy bruschetta with slightly sweet, mildly tangy ripened tomato pulp and basil, Pecorino Sardo and peas, Parma ham and melon.

It was all so fresh and delightful. The saltiness of the Parma ham with the juicy sweet of the melon.

Apericena is an Italian dining experience. A fusion of 'aperitivo' (appetizer) and 'cena' (dinner), offering more substantial dishes than those traditionally eaten for aperitivo. Its informal buffet-style serving lends to a more relaxed atmosphere. A great way to spend time with family or wind down after work with colleagues minus a full meal.

Available every day from 5 pm to 8 pm this is an inclusive offer. On Thursdays however, there is the added extra of shucked oysters. Proven or not, I chose not to find out and so avoided the pleasures of oysters for the evening.

Slightly more subdued, the smell of burning cigars as this area attracted a clientele of cigar smokers.

After work drinks, catch up with your SATC crew, a first date, this location is ideal! With London's busy getting on with itself outside, settled for the Apericena; intriguing conversation and laughter inside, it's difficult to tell which I am enjoying the most. Even so, discovering the art of Apericena, this Italian dining experience at Four Seasons, London Park Lane was a great kickstart to the evening.

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