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Succumb to your Gallivanting Ways at The Gallivant!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

What if I told you that just under a two hour drive from London you could be gallivanting on a five mile stretch of golden sand beach?

Flanked by the most picturesque of sand dunes!

Unbelievable but true!

In a little corner of the South East of England - East Sussex to be exact is Camber Sands Beach. Just across the road from the dunes is the barefoot boutique hotel -The Gallivant!

The West Indian in me came to life; reminiscing on the good ole days spent 'galavanting' off to the beach when really I had no permission to. So when I came across the A4 size spread in the travel bible of rustic photos, golden sand dunes and this chic hotel - Well I had to!

Arrived just before check in which is at three. Had it not been for the 'wild west styled' sign board we may have driven past it.

With only twenty rooms under its roof, we inhaled the salty, fresh sea air and strolled directly to the check-in desk. With the exception of some quiet chatter and pleasant laughter from a couple of couples having drinks - it was blissfully relaxed. Making us equally blissfully relaxed.

Recently refurbished, The Gallivant opened in 2009, following the sale of Harry Cragoe's drinks company and his subsequent venture into hospitality in 2007 with One Life Escapes.

It's called The Gallivant for a good reason. There is not much else you would want to do than wander along the beach once you have been watered, fed and rested! 

For that beach hut feel - the rooms are all on a single level and split across six categories with variable characteristics. Their décor not without regard for it's coastal surrounds. The smaller rooms are flooded with natural daylight and have direct access to the hotel's private coastal garden decked with chairs.

My favourite is the Snug Cabin with it's more raw and chic log cabin type feel.

But if travelling with kids, the aptly named Hamptons with their window seats are better suited. The window seats double as beds for the little ones. It is worth noting that neither the Snug Cabin or the Hamptons have direct access to the garden. But what it lacks in direct access to outdoor space is compensated for in light, airy more spacious rooms with purpose built wardrobes accommodating storage for three. Guests in these rooms do have access to the garden and this is at the end of the corridor.

Our stay was booked with breakfast and dinner included and meals are served in the Dining Room which is a casual affair. Meals are prepared with ingredients procured from farmers, fishermen and foragers on the hotel's doorstep, meaning the food is fresh, in-season and truly local.  The Dungeness cod is not to be missed and for me is the stand out dish.

Just in case you thought you could not get anymore calm, the hotel has a mini spa offering manicures, pedicures, massages and facials.

As stylish a beach getaway The Gallivant is - the real draw is in the mere arduous five minute walk across the road, over the sand dunes and a 'galavant' (as only a West Indian would say) onto uninterrupted miles of golden sands stretching before you. 

So ..... What are you waiting for?

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