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Saint Aymes, The Pretty Little Cafe

With a certain virus whose name is more recognised with the beer-drinking crew been declared a pandemic, it appears Londoners have unofficially chosen to self-isolate.

Because having rocked up to this pretty little cafe at two-thirty in the afternoon, with eyes catching on black and white floor tiles, fanciful hanging pink wisteria, I find all but three of its tables are occupied. Let's face it, what other common sense or reason would I have to walk twenty minutes across London from Marylebone dressed in trainers, pearls and a pink top?

But all of that isolation is great! It meant that when I ultimately arrived at

Saint Aymes on 59 Connaught Street, I had a choice of the choicest seats. Those Insta worthy photos without the queues, without having to become a contortionist to get that gorgeous selfie! Yes, the beer sounding virus has indeed granted some benefits to life on the gram!

Not only was I seated for all those great shots but served immediately—a non-hectic atmosphere and really mellow music that I can actually enjoy.

So what to have?

Saint Aymes Cafe

A cup of rose tea. Dainty twenty three-carat gold flakes and gorgeous rose petals heaped in a crescent shape inside the rim of the cup? Or the familiar scent of a cappuccino. Is the gold China cup aesthetically matching, with golden cutlery and twenty-three-carat gold flakes for that extra glimmer? That is the question...

There will never be sufficient rose petals to keep this coffee lover away from a cup of coffee, and so I opted for the latter.

And a beautiful cup of cappuccino it was!

- Latte art, mastered.

- Presentation, faultless.

The cappuccino, so creamy and beautiful that I opted out of adding sugar. Unheard of in my case!

Of course, all of that complemented with this dreamy white chocolate and raspberry cake.

The biscuit base, beautiful and crisp.

The topping, a really light mouse and not overly sweet.

It would not have been out of place to ask for another!

Saint Aymes Cafe

If London were to go into lockdown just this minute, this is the place I'd be happy to be held up in. Outdoor seating in front of its pink wisteria framed glass front. Inside, all the hydrangea and rose floral walls you will need in a weekend.

Hopefully, I'd be the one lounging in the pink chaise longue on the lower ground floor, and that would be me, isolated but settled for the weekend!

Have you been to this pretty little café? They offer friendly services and staff who are mavens in capturing the best photos!

So where will your next coffee stop take you?

Great for: a fairy-tale café, coffee with the girls, Instagram hotspot

Where: 59 Connaught Street, St George's Fields, W2 2BB

When: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 12:30 to 18:00; Wednesday and Friday 12:00 to 17:00

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