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The Garrard Experience

Occupying the corner of Grafton and Albemarle Street (the latter being the first operational one-way road system in London) is House of Garrard, the oldest jewellery house in the world!

Purveyors of quality silverware since 1735, it was Garrard's 'rock star' silverware designs that sparked the interest of the then Prince of Wales - Frederick. His obsession with the silverware sees him make at least two purchases in May of that year and another two the following month. Garrard continued as the preferred silverware suppliers of the British Royal family. Even so, it was One hundred and eight years later by appointment of Queen Mary of Teck, when Garrard was appointed a Royal Warrant as Jewellers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.

Not just the reserve of the British Royal Family but that of the world. It's clientele dips into bank balances of the Far East, Middle East and recognises the brand for its heritage; craftsmanship and desirable pieces. Or simply the one-off, bespoke, covetous creation for you to say, 'It's from Garrard's!'

Consequently, you have asked the 'Will you' question of the one person that completes you. Then, a custom-tailored ring from Garrard's is the sugar petal that completes the floral arrangement atop the buttercream cake. This jeweller is one of the only London jewellers with an in-house team of expert craftsmen and designers offering an end to end service. A process which can comfortably take up to ten weeks. An engagement ring, like a piece of art that has had your soul poured into it, becomes sentimental and ultimately priceless. A creation, where once completed, would have had all your emotions and creative flair poured into it.

That's a guaranteed 'Yes!' I'm sure.

Failing that, think of the most famous engagement ring in the last half-century. Indeed that Ceylon Sapphire Double Cluster Ring. It was an original Garrard's creation. Then imagine been able to encircle your fingers with something nearly as beautiful from their 1735 Collection -the 1735 Oval Sapphire Ring.

Not nearly to the proportion of that infamous engagement ring but this from their '1735 Collection' retails at the equivalent of a private jet from Paris Le Bourget to Biarritz.

Another famous creation from the house is the 'Lover's Knot Tiara'. Whilst the opportunity to ever wear such a piece evades all but the upper tier of the British Royal family, a deposit equivalent to the purchase of a one-bedroom apartment in Courchevel - will see Garrard, create a design, select and assemble the jewels and custom fit a tiara to your preference.

Garrard's is not merely about those overly momentous occasions in life. That graduation present, a thank you gift or that 'just because'. Replace a jewel; reset a stone; design a tiara - be assured your beloved piece will never be posted or couriered to any other location - that's the Garrard's service.

A comfortable forty-five minutes, a glass of champagne and the undivided attention of Nathaniel, go get bejewelled at House of Garrards!

That was my Garrards experience!

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