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Summer Stay at The Lodge Verbier

Wide eyes. The response received to

We are off to Verbier in August.
Isn't Verbier a winter destination?

A colleague piped up.

Because yes - Verbier is as synonymous with winter and skiing as Hansel is with Gretel.

But Verbier is so much more than the Perrier-Jouet glass clinking, après ski partying resort it is renowned for.

Sure enough when the temperature rises into the mid fifties; the powder disappears and the crowds along with it too, Verbier reveals a very different but just as beautiful post card.

The great news is, the charming folks at The Lodge, Verbier have chosen 'open doors' in the summer months.

Some years prior, we spent a few summer days at Badrutts Palace, St Moritz, another famed Swiss mountain resort and thought surely - nothing could be more of a breath taker.

But Verbier had a point to prove.

The Lodge sits at 1500m above sea level on a sunlit all day plateau and an unbroken view of the charming wooden lodges spread across the mountain side below.

You enter The Lodge and there is just that certain je ne sais quoi that straight away makes you feel at home. Is it the umbrella and shoe rack as you enter the door? Homely. Or could it be the warm and personable welcome received from staff on arrival? Inviting. Or is it the set dining table on the right of the hallway as you walk in? What ever it is - DON'T change it!

Forget the customary apples at reception. Not at The Lodge. Instead, a bowl of Toblerones and packets of crisps greets you at the entrance. And just like that, The Lodge wins over my mini me.

The first floor is an open plan design of browns; creams and oranges where the dining area flows into one the lounge a grand fire place and out to the garden and hot tub. Beautifully exposed timber beams simply elevates the charm of the chalet and are evident throughout the resort.

Floor to ceiling glass panels and doors ensure you never forget you are in the Alps. And just as you would have at home, cosy areas for conversation, reading or relaxation.

'Cloud nine beds' played tug of war with us wanting to lie in for longer but also wanting to get up and watch the fog lift off of the mountains in the mornings. This is the scene that greeted us each day from our chic second floor balcony room. Decored in a simple palette of light browns, grays and dashes of green. There is ample storage for a week's stay and adequate seating area should you choose to relax in your room.

Full sized refillable Cowshed products are the toiletries of choice in the separate bathrooms.

And I especially liked the tree trunks repurposed as coffee tables and the cuddly, stuffed St Bernard's complete with Toblerone at turn down.

The 'should be' Michelin starred lunches and dinners alongside breakfast were included as standard in the stay - making dinner one less chore to attend to.

As exciting as the three course dinners are, it was the amuse bouche that met with the most anticipation each night! After para ham and black pepper bread, what could they possibly tantalise us with tonight? Popcorn and cheese and a mouth filling sensation glass of vegetable soup.

Dinner is a formal affair with everyone sat down together each evening at the same time to much chatter, laughter and tales of their gallivant during the day. (A little like being on a cruise.) Except when you wake the next day you'll still be in Verbier but that's a good thing. Lunch is more a laissez-faire, take it on a picnic in the mountains, dine al fresco in the garden outside or sit at the dining table.

And as would be expected, there is a bar, fully stocked with only the best of the best. That too is included and no holds barred!

Shhh (a little secret) I had my first Pimms at The Lodge. If everyone makes Pimms this way, I realise I've been missing out.

Someone heard me say I never had Pimm's. And either Julie or Hayley or Ashley set about rectifying that. Now that's the level of personal touch that is afforded at The Lodge.

Our hand written names on our doors; remembering how thinly to slice the salmon at breakfast to providing postcards already with the stamps on - elevated this stay to so much more.

Happy kids equal happy parents and the staff at The Lodge know this all too well! Entertaining the kids in between looking after us the adults. Playing hide and seek; the Julie wrestle; The Lodge duck hunt; beer pong (without the beer of course) and inviting the kids into the kitchen to make pizza with the chef.

There is a lot to do in Verbier in the summer. But with The Lodge being the delightful residence offering exceptional catering; a spa, indoor pool, outdoor hot tub; and such warm staff indulging my now new Pimm's habit we managed to tear ourselves away only once.

This nine room chalet is available to book exclusively or reserve individual rooms for your summer or winter stay.

To get to The Lodge, fly into Geneva Airport, take the train to Le Chable or hire a vehicle.

Alternatively charter your self a private jet into Sion airport and arrange for The Lodge to collect you on arrival!

Winter or Summer? Would you go to Verbier? Would you stay at The Lodge?

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