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Get Ready to Check off Your Very Nice List

Gifting time, well it is here! Do you know what else is here? The search. The search for the ideal gifts for the very important people in your life, is in full swing. But know that if you're feeling stuck or in dire need of inspiration, that I am here!

I've curated a selection of extraordinary gifts from The Seaglass Gallery, Farm Rio, MSC Cruises, Harber London, Hedoine, Plum Guide and German Kabirski. Gifts to cement your deep love and affection. Gifts that say, 'I see us, long into the future'. Gifts that'll have very long and lasting memories. These are the types of gifts I refer to. The ones you'll want to gift to the persons on your very nice list.

Unwrap Joy, Spread Cheer!

Is what you'll do, checking anything off this list. From the outfit for the occasion, to the weekend bag to pack it in, to the set-jetting weekend away, plus some everyday luxuries. Go sleigh your gift game with a gift guide that saves you time and disappointed faces.

Full disclosure: Features from Farm Rio, MSC Cruises, Harber London, Hedoine, Plum Guide and German Kabirski includes products I chose. Buying through the links may earn me an affiliate commission but at no extra cost to you.

Seaglass Gallery: A One-of-a-kind gift!

Come and discover 'the captivating!' A world of unique creations, carefully crafted by local artisans and displayed at the charming Seaglass Gallery. A warm and welcoming atmosphere that inspires and uplifts. And too, provides an opportunity to learn about the fascinating process behind each piece.

And by supporting local talent, you'll be contributing to the thriving arts scene of Lympstone, a village with a picturesque riverside setting and rich historical charm. Should you find yourself in Lympstone, you too will find the tranquil atmosphere and timeless appeal of the village an ideal destination for art and nature lovers and anyone seeking a peaceful seaside escape.

Inside Seaglass Gallery
Inside the Seaglass Gallery - Photo courtesy Seaglass Gallery
Sky Dance Lino Print Mounted limited edition of 50 38cm x 26cm Charlotte Ellis £65
Sky Dance Lino Print (Mounted) Limited Edition of 50 (38cm x 26cm) by Charlotte Ellis

Gift Idea: Not in Lympstone, browse their Seaglass Gallery website for something unique. Show your most thoughtful side to those you care about with a one-of-a-kind creation.

Farm Rio: Fashion that Speaks Volumes

Farm Rio, renowned for its vibrant and sustainable fashion, brings a kaleidoscope of joy to any wardrobe. Surf their collection of stunning dresses, accessories, and more, each piece telling a story of Brazilian craftsmanship and eco-conscious style.

What's some of their favourite colours to wear, take on holiday? Shop Farm Rio's lush summer yellows, shop pink floaty florals.

And by shopping Farm Rio, you'll contribute to slower and greener fashion. Spending with an ethical business, a responsible fashion house. One that thoroughly assessed its impact on its clients, employees, community and environs - a B Corporation.

Gift Idea: With shorts, high-waist trousers, metallics, crafts and whites set to be key spring/summer 2024 trends. Show your dearest you share a mutual interest in their fashion and trends. Gift a Farm Rio's white maxi dress – a stunning blend of comfort and style, perfect for any occasion. Shop your all-white and off-white, too.

Unsure what to choose, there's always a gift card.

MSC Cruises: Unforgettable Sunsets and Bucket List Islands

Ever received a gift 'so you' it left you feeling overwhelmed? With happiness? Yep, that was me receiving a Cruise for a birthday. I was moved to tears.

I say this to say, if you are searching for a moving gift for the wanderluster in your life, consider the gift of a cruise with MSC Cruises. MSC Cruises offers a range of unforgettable journeys, from their Caribbean Islands escape to the mysteries of the Nordics and Greenland. And as well as departing from well known ports such as Miami, Genoa and Dubai, they depart from not-so-well-known ports as New York and Martinique.

One of MSC Cruises' most exciting developments is that of its LNG-powered ships. Leading the way in sustainable practices such as LED lighting, energy-efficient systems, and advanced wastewater treatment to minimize their environmental impact.

Offering luxury and exploration, gifting a cruise allows both you and your special someone or maybe too, the entire family to embark on an adventure that none of you will ever forget. If you want to check those Greek Islands off your list, go island-hopping cruise-style with MSC Cruises.

But if the thought of an entire seven-night cruise seems daunting, test your sea legs with a two or three-night cruise out of Southampton or Miami. An MSC cruise is a harmonious blend of luxury, cultural exploration and family-friendly offerings, making this gift one the entire family can enjoy.

Gift Idea: As Audrey Hepburn once said, 'To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.' Show those on your very nice list, you've been thinking way into your futures with a gift that says investment and long-term planning. Gift a Caribbean cruise on MSC's brand new LNG powered ship, MSC World America setting sail in 2025.

Harber London: Timeless and Personalised Leather Goods

Harber London brings exemplary fusion of elegance and functionality to the everyday accessories. From impeccably crafted leather goods to personalized tech accessories, discover timeless gifts that add a touch of sophistication to daily life.

Offering products that are elegant and functional, their product line-up includes Leather Tech Accessories (premium leather laptop sleeves and cases), Organizational Accessories (thoughtfully designed organizers and wallets), Travel Accessories (passport holders, luggage tags, and cable organizers), Bags and Backpacks (ideal for both casual and professional settings) and Phone Cases.

Harber London Weekend bag

Is there a classier travel bag than Harber London's Leather Shopper Bag? If there is, I'd like to know. Made with Harber London's Signature Premium Full Grain Leather, its beautiful craftsmanship shines through.

Wrap up some Christmas joy they can cherish time and time again.

Gift Idea: Show them that they matter with a Personalised leather laptop sleeve – a stylish and practical gift for the modern professional. Or gift their gift cards and let them choose.

Hēdoïnes: Empowerment Through Hosiery

Hēdoïnes is a brand that has revolutionized the world of hosiery with its exclusive and innovative designs. If you want to surprise your loved one with a surprising gift, consider gifting them a pair of stockings or tights from Hēdoïne's exquisite collection. The brand's hosiery not only looks luxurious but also offers unparalleled comfort.

With Hēdoïne's refined style, you can add a touch of sophistication to your loved one's daily essentials. The brand's attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship make their hosiery an exceptional choice that will surely impress.

These tights (PR Gift - Spicy Praline, Ladder Resistant and Shaping), because they are sag free, and gusset free, feels like a second skin! And something else, they're incredibly durable. I've had mine for eleven months. Washing in a delicates laundry bag and storing in the Hedoine satin pouch (sold separate) has helped in keeping them looking brand new.

Do tap this link, add my code AWTGIRL for your discount and the Hēdoïne in you, and gift some legwear this Christmas.

Gift Idea: Show them you share in their everyday challenges. Gift Hedoine gift cards for them to choose or The Infinity Sheer Tights – a wardrobe staple that is durable and adds a touch of glam to any legs.

Plum Guide: A Very Nice List

Imagine your loved one's face when you give them this extraordinary gift. A stay in a holiday home from the unparalleled luxury holiday rental company - Plum Guide. Their curated selection of 'exceptional homes' promises an unforgettable experience.

Expertly-vetted homes ensure travellers find unique and memorable stays tailored to their preferences. From stylish city apartments, to a breath-taking beachfront villa, or a cosy countryside retreat, there's a rental on Plum Guide to help you tick off that very nice list.

'With peace of mind guaranteed with every booking', your gift of a Plum Guide vacation rental will never fall flat.

Through The Ages, Bath - Plum Guide Rental

Gift Idea: Gift Smiles, as you Set-Jet (the filming locations of their favourite movies and TV series) them with a Plum Guide vacation rentals.

Your 'Tons' that's Bridgerton fans can opt for a two-bedroom Georgian house, 'Through The Ages', and make the most of their central location on the Royal Crescent, Bath. The three-bedroom 'Bright & Beachy' two minutes away from #VeniceBeach California will hold appeal for the Barbie movie fans.

And as 'Paris is always a good idea' how about an apartment in the 5th Arrondissement? Location, location, location for Emily in Paris.

Balcony overlooking Isola Bella Bay
Balcony of Mediterranean Sundae, Taormina - Plum Guide Rental

But if the White Lotus was more their show, the two-bed, two-bathroom 'Mediterranean Sundae' overlooking Isola Bella Bay in Taormina is better suited.

German Kabirski: Artistry in Sparkles

Looking for a sparkly and meaningful way to express individuality? Take a look at German Kabirski's stunning avant-garde jewellery pieces. Works of art showcasing Kabirski's innovative design and unparalleled craftsmanship. Looking to remind that someone special, just how much they mean to you? Or simply treat yourself (you can put yourself on the 'very nice list' too)? Stand out from the crowd and say it with a one-of-a-kind piece from the collection.

As well as statement rings, avant-garde necklaces and artisanal earrings, German Kabirski offers custom-designed jewellery. Refrain from settling for the ordinary because you can gift the extraordinary. Give a gift that keeps its sparkle.

Enjoy 15% off German Kabirski's full-priced items with discount code girlwelltravelled15 at checkout. Now proceed as you wish but you may well find yourself returning to this site, time and time again.

Gift Idea: Express your sentiments of love with bold and distinctive statement jewellery. Want them to choose, there's always a German Kabirski gift card.

The Wild Card...

As your independent travel agent, I am your compass in this vast landscape of travel possibilities. Allow me to craft personalized itineraries to suit your tastes and preferences. From stunning escapes in far-flung corners of the globe to intimate retreats. I will make each itinerary a canvas and every destination a palette of possibilities waiting for you to explore. Contact Outbound, and I will help make those travel dreams a reality.

Your Very Nice List to a Heart warming Time of Giving

The joy of giving extends beyond the mere exchange of physical tokens. In every carefully wrapped package, there's a story—a story of shared laughter, shared dreams, and shared moments. The thoughtfulness, the sentiment, and the heartfelt intention behind each carefully chosen item. May your gifts resonate, inspire, and above all, bring smiles and long lasting memories to the faces and hearts of those who matter most.

I hope this guide has helped you in some way in checking off your very nice list.

Happy gifting, and may the magic linger in every carefully chosen present.

PS - If you have any specific requests or need further information or recommendations, feel free to contact me.

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