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Say It With German Kabirski Jewellery

A bouquet of Ecuadorian roses, the overwhelming pleasures of a satiable meal or indeed some candy at any celebrated time of the year. I'd never say no to those.

And when the candy arrives as peridots, blue topaz or pink sapphires, caressing the neck, hugging earlobes or bedazzling fingers, it's unlikely they'd fail.

German Kabirski's jewellery collection is exactly that, unlikely to fail. I discovered his pieces (he sometimes refers to as 'his freaks') on Instagram two years ago.

They caught eyes. Infatuated, I snuck glances their way. Glances became fixed stares as celebrities adorned themselves in his jewellery, his Instagram crowd growing.

His designs - BOLD, his imagination unlimited, he kept turning out. Putting heads in a spin. Their images forever ingrained in the photo gallery of my brain.

You merely need to glance at his IG handle or webpage to realise his jewellery has its own language. The Tiann Pink Sapphire Rough Necklace above whispering to you, playing with your heartstrings, until you surrender. Though it was the Verina Peridot ring the object of my desire.

Hedged in gold, candy green peridot stones jut off an intricately detailed white rhodium ring contrasted between two gold piped trims. And when light dances on those peridots, such a dazzle.

The ring is everyday wearable with your most worn-in weekend jeans to soccer matches with the soccer moms and the mundane supermarket run. Ringed on my finger with its lipstick-red painted nails, my hand became expressive, more so than any words leaving my lips.

His jewellery effortlessly styles too with an evening slip dress out to parties with friends. Ohh, the compliments after they've stopped to stare.

Just as stylish though minimal is the jet black box, it comes in. A functional and suitably sized jewellery box for housing the other German Kabirski pieces you'll be checking off your wishlist. That's if you ever take them off. Similarly functional is the handy ring sizer located here.

Drop those little hints, make that statement.

Say It With jewellery from German Kabirski's collection and let it do the talking.

Enjoy a sparkling 15% off with discount code girlwelltravelled15 at checkout.

Christmas is as good a time as any to do so. And why stop there? Put yourself up for the appreciation of the year award, inducing smiles on eyes while gifting an earring or necklace for Valentines Day, Mother's Day, birthdays or a 'just-because' to yourself.

This post contains affiliate links. I may well get a commission when you make a purchase.

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