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Mexico and The Caribbean's Overwater Bungalows

What does French Polynesia and the Maldives have in common?

Apart from rainbow-coral islands, inviting blue lagoons, all have the overly seductive, let's-honeymoon-here overwater villas and bungalows!

Oozing 'oh wow' gasps from the travel magazines and social media pages to your arrival at the destination itself. And whilst these destinations undoubtedly remain the pole sitters for a captivating overwater escape, the Caribbean is gathering pace.

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Because while you'll be met with eyes green with envy on hearing you've been to Bora Bora, it's a day's flying time away from London at best. The same to return. Two days of your well deserved holiday lost, you do not deserve that.

Mexico and the Caribbean will plug that gap with flying times no more than three movies, two meals and one flight away. Because now, what do Aruba and Jamaica have in common apart from being in the lyrics of the Beach Boys' Kokomo song?

Enter Sandals Resorts International, a hospitality group whose foundations lay firmly in the Caribbean's soil and were the first to pioneer luxury overwater villas in the area. Now with three properties offering overwater villas, they have firm foundations in the Caribbean Sea.

Sandals Royal Caribbean, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Photo Courtesy Sandals Hotels and Resorts

Their flagship and very first over-the-water bungalows of the Sandals group host twelve Tahitian-Esque style residences. They are laid out like a heart-shaped pendant off a two-mile immaculate white sand beach

Photo Courtesy Sandals Hotels and Resorts

Step out of your luxury linen king-sized beds onto hardwood floors out to an extended sun deck and a Caribbean breeze.

Each bungalow, equipped with a walk-in rain shower, outdoor shower, outdoor Tranquility Soak Tub designed for two and over-water hammocks.

At night, the glass-panelled floors, the lights in the water add to the magic.

Amenities: Airport arrival lounge, Red Lane Spa treatments, unlimited water sports

You will find the stilts over the overwater bungalows at Royalton Antigua Resorts and Spa grounded on the west side of the island. Nicely cocooned in the crescent of Deep Bay's private beach for you to dip your toes in.

Windows on the floor and wide-open sides give the best frames for those postcard picture moments.

Romantic escapes don't come any better than a spacious overwater bungalow with a personal butler, in-room couple massages and Royalton's 'All in Luxury.'

Amenities: Infinity plunge pool, butler service, personal fitness/yoga classes, sunset mixologist service

A retreat for honeymooners and romantic couples alike. In these 977 square foot Deluxe Overwater Lagoon Suites, you will have all the seclusion you crave.

Photo Courtesy Rosewood Hotels and Resorts

Fused amidst the tropical mangroves of the Riviera Maya, there's greenery at every turn.

Photo Courtesy Rosewood Hotels and Resorts

Beautifully understated, white-walled canvases give way to hints of Mexican inspired motifs around the suites. You'll arrive via boat through the mangroves to this Rosewood playground not quite over the Caribbean sea, more a lagoon. And play you will from the open-plan setting of your suite, the open-air garden shower. Not to be concerned - the mangroves will keep your secret.

Amenities: Private boat dock, Bose audio and sound, heated plunge pool, butler service

The closest airport serving private jets is Cancun International.

As a leading honeymoon resort group, the magnetism of an overwater villa is not an ambitious grasp. Therefore not unexpected when Sandals debuted additional overwater bungalows at its St Lucian resort.

The same floor to vaulted ceiling windows ensures you never miss the show out to the Caribbean sea. A neutrally toned decor with accents of azure blue as if spraying the colours of the outdoors on the indoors.

Photo Courtesy Sandals Hotels and Resorts

Mosaic covered spa sized bathrooms complete with Red Lane Spa Amenities.

Photo Courtesy Sandals Hotels and Resorts

It's hard to imagine a struggle for romantic moments here. Overwater hammocks to gaze at the bejewelled Caribbean night sky from or cosy moments with your favourite glasses of bubbles from the open-air soak tub for two.

Amenities: Butler Elite Service, beach and bonfire parties, unlimited water sports, overwater hammock

Amanyara Resort, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Overwater villas don't get much more exclusive than at Amanyara Resort. One of the only resorts on the list to accommodate the entire family.

Your personal chef to curate bespoke meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner or just some warm, freshly baked bread. Open-sided walls invite the continuous flow of the Caribbean's tropical breezes and the scent of the ocean with it.

Amenities: Personal Chef and Housekeeper, rain shower and outdoor showers, private pool

I know, I know, I know! I'm sitting here, but I can almost hear your oohs and aahs at this one.

What do you do first? Do you swing from the hammock, disturb those crisps linens or dive into the warmth of the Caribbean sea? Sleeping is not on the agenda here.

Still, I suppose you'd want a lie down if you found yourself in one of these heart-fluttering, thatched bungalows.

Even after eighteen months of lockdowns, you'll never say no to a lockdown here.

Amenities: Jacuzzi, wraparound decks, hammocks, direct access to the water

Having glazed this list of stunning Caribbean islands and their inviting overwater bungalows, the real question is. Would you holiday at any of these? Or maybe you've already turned to the other half and asked. Hun, when can we go?

Or maybe you've just booked yourself one of these treats and now dancing around the room singing. 'Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to...'

Come on, sing it with me, you know you want to!

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