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Staying At InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

There are some who decide their vacation by choosing the destination, then adding the hotel or resort!

And then some (no names being called) will decide an entire two week, multi-destination vacation around two countries based on one hotel!

Who. Does. That? But such was the magnetic pull of the

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort!

You see, sometime ago, I was flicking through the travel bible as you do and some photos jumped out at me. The kind that made my travel taste buds salivate; my heart pulse and my eyes dazzle as if it was starlite night. 

'WHERE is this place?' Quickly scanning the article.

'Da Nang!'  

'Where on this named earth is Da Nang?'

And with that Vietnam moved from number umpteen on the wish list to number two.

Touched down in Hanoi International Airport and ninety minutes and a bottle of water later, an internal flight with Vietnam Airlines landed at Da Nang International. Another thirty minute drive mostly hugging the beautiful coast line of the Son Tra Peninsula; pass the Lady Buddha statue the tallest buddha in all Vietnam and be still my heart - we are at the Resort.

This is not where I tell you about other stays at blah blah blah and its blah. No.

This is where I tell you this resort is the bee's knees, the absolute cat's pajamas! 

Your arrival experience is something else. You are greeted by the calming effects of trickling water from the nearby fountain, your nostrils are awakened with a lemon grass scent used throughout the hotel, the black and white everything is injected with splashes of red, yellow or green and the myriad of textures throughout - giving your senses a carnival awakening!

The resort is spread 72 acres across the mountain side and ALL accommodation faces the sea be it your 3 bed villa with infinity pool or a classic suite. As nicely laid out as this resort is - don't get caught out thinking you will easily walk from A to B. Nothing is ever as close as or straight forward as it seems and remember the resort is on the side of a mountain. You will most certainly get a work out and you are highly likely to get lost. So although you are on holiday feel free to switch off everything else but your navigational skills. Possibly the resort would consider a Sat Nav type device for it's guests but hey the buggy service is only a phone call away.

And it was a buggy that took us and our luggage to our suite. The same gorgeous details that greets you on arrival and as you make your way around the resort is mirrored in the suites. 

The bedroom opens up onto the balcony which looks out onto the bay and so does the bathroom. The bathroom is crazy, sexy, cool with floor to ceiling glass walls on one side and doors that open onto the balcony. His and her sinks; the wettest rain shower and the deepest bathtub ever to be experienced. 

The craziest thing happened one morning in the rain shower. I looked up to see a member of housekeeping cleaning the glass outside. 

'AHH Hello! I'm having a shower here!'

Well I don't know if she heard me or just unimpressed - LOL! She finished the glass and disappeared. I suppose the glass panels need cleaning too!

That was my crazy rain shower experience.

The bed on the other hand was indulging. You literally settle under that duvet and between those pillows as if in a cloud. Literally. As a matter of fact whenever I come across any mention of sleeping in a bed which feels like a cloud, I think of this bed.

What makes breakfast a treat here is not just the food itself but the feast of colours on the eyes and dining in the conical booths with uninterrupted views over the South China Sea.

If travelling with kids, here again you will note a lot of thought has been placed in the design. Everything from kids spa options to the location of the dedicated kids club, conveniently located next to The L_O_N_G Bar. While whiling away the day on one of the many day beds or swing chairs with a cold drink or two the kids are next door having fun. A win win for all.

Once settled in, you may not want to leave but the resort has a shuttle bus which goes to Hoi An twice daily. Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site should be 'a must' on your list.  I recommend you get the first shuttle of the day to give yourself as much time as possible in this ancient town.

Back at the hotel, we took the time to admire the gardens, nature, the water features, relax in the comfy day beds and swing chairs dotted around the resort and the obligatory catch up on social media with the hotel's oh so rapid WiFi.

We visited in the month of April and although warm on land, the sea was much too cold for the West Indian blood in me.

If recalled, at the beginning of this post I mentioned it was some photos that stirred this twelve thousand mile round trip. Believe me when I say it's a twelve thousand mile round trip I would do again with much pleasure. 

So do tell ... what decides your holiday?

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