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The Gold Heels to Party in this Summer by Public Desire

Going out this spring or summer? These are the heels you'll want to be seen in.

Out for a quiet meal on Saturday evening and...

Thank you.
Thank you.
You're too kind.

...Is how I spent my evening. Saying to everyone from the sommelier to the lady at the next table to the late-night street cleaners. The latter had glanced at my heels, smiled and nodded approval to the other half walking next to me.


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The cobalt blue mini shift dress cut a better silhouette on me than the sawn-off red mini skirt initially chosen. But it was the Gold Platform Heels leading the show.

Platforms have got their own rage this season; you've only got to open your TikTok to see a parade of them. Though it's these top knot, round open toe, LEO EDITION GOLD METALLIC PLATFORM HIGH HEELS from Public Desire, all six-inch block heels of them, that caught my 'Desire'.

There's no teetering about in these either. Walk with confidence; you will. Supported by their chunky soles. They'll give your feet a beautiful, natural arch along the way. And long legs? These are the most cost-effective, pain-free, non-surgical leg-lengthening procédure there is.

In these heels, the catwalk calls.

Instead of getting a shoe to go with the outfit, you'll want an outfit to match the shoe.

This shade of gold extends its warmth to a myriad of colours.

White, black and gold, such a partnership

Red and gold, such a couple.

Blue or better cobalt blue and gold, marry these two.

Before exploding onto the streets of London for dinner, I'd first hip-swayed in front of the mirror in a sawn-off red mini skirt, then danced it up in a long black tulle dress. With one outfit diminutive and the other never-ending, my brain settled on the cobalt blue midi dress. The ensemble: sexy, stylish, or was it the way my legs appeared never-ending from the dress hem to the heels?

Flattering and comfortable, these heels from Public Desire will see you party all night and through to the after-parties. The must-have pair of heels all through summer and into autumn.

To tell you all this but not mention anything of the purse strings is actually my preferred. Why? I want to be the only one stopping the show. But miss a few coins from your purse; you will not. Not even a couple of lattes.

Comfortable, sexy, and stylish is the only way you'll feel on an outing in these heels.

These heels are true to size, away from punching an extra hole in each ankle strap (slender ankles) to secure the shoe to my feet.

Public Desire is a glam international footwear company. Although no longer only about your fashion foot loves, the brand now features clothing and accessories with partnerships/lines exclusive to them.

These six-inch gold platform heels are my must-have pair of heels this summer. Love them? Then feel free to let me know in the comments below. Love them enough to wear them? Then, click the 'Click Me' button to shop the same gold heels and the entire Public Desire range.

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