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The Maxi Dress She Wears

Now, I've always loved a compliment or two or three. (And the ones from your canine companion and the pet goldfish count). But, truly, who doesn't? And, I am especially appreciative when it's the floor-skimming dress I've turned out in today and its origins that garner a host of compliments from unknowns.

Welcome to my first edition of a Fashion Dress Post.

It's Beam Bold.

I say to the unexpected admirer, turning out my phone to click on their social media account, confirming it.

And this is the Lumley Lush Tiered Maxi Dress in emerald green.

I continue pointing and beaming at the same time.

It had only arrived that morning, but just in time for the hot weather, the sun had agreed to grace us with.

I know my jaw fell to the floor when I took it out of the modest dust bag it came in and stayed floored when I slipped it on to go. Because I, too, complimented myself in the mirror.

It was as if Audra (the designer) had custom-made the dress. And in a sense, she had. Having taken every measurement from my hip to my bust to my height to my average steps per minute. The latter must surely be to calculate the floatiness of the dress as I walk. But here I'm kidding.

The colours: A bold, feel-good, mood-boosting summer palette of four colours.

The material: Luxe cotton.

The details: Adjustable ultra-slim straps, bodice flattering and a skirt that flows and speaks volumes. The stitching-quality, the zip-concealed, the sash-detachable and side pockets make it all sorts of amazing.

You only need to look at the pictures to see. It moves beautifully, too, and wears comfortably on hot summer days.

I know you are looking at the dress and thinking, hang on, it's duvet layers and fishermen's beanie season here in the UK. But, this is looking to the sunnier days. This dress is one for the wish list, the lust-have and when summer comes, the must-have.

Though now, I am considering sitting this summer dress under a cropped sweater, and over a pair of hardy lace-up boots, making it transitional. That way, I keep wearing it into autumn.

And, having worn it as I did over the summer, to breakfast in corn fields, lunch dates in Cheltenham (see corresponding posts below) and singing for my dinner in the French Riviera, I've had to give it a wash. Always at a low temperature. The shape holds though the colour runs. For this reason, I'd recommend washing with similar colours or separately on the first wash.

The daughter wants one, it'll be a yellow, orange or blue. It'll certainly, not be the green because she won't twin like that anymore. Even so, it is high praise for this maxi dress.

As a brand, Beam Bold positions itself in the slow fashion market. Is mindful of their fabric choices and their use of non-toxic dyes, leaving their impact on the environment low. In addition, the dress itself is designed in a most flattering cut and with your body shape changes in mind (think breast implants/removal or otherwise). You can then adjust it to accommodate. Lovers of summer maxi dresses will too appreciate this dress flatters women of every size, height and age.

Audra Gordon herself is from the Caribbean. The island of St Vincent is where she grew up in a family of creative genes before moving to New York and Hong Kong working in Finance. But her creative spirit won over while based in Hong Kong and travelling across Africa.

And with this dress catching eyes as it does, getting compliments as it has, I am very glad she did.

Have you heard of Beam Bold? What are your thoughts on this Lumley Lush Maxi dress?

Note, this is not an AD; I have no discount codes (though her site offers USD 25 off). Instead, this post is all love for this Caribbean creative and this timeless summer staple.

And since no summer is complete without a maxi dress, go Check her out. Choose a dress, choose a colour and make an entrance.

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