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Unless You're Wearing Stylish Sleepwear by Fable & Eve

When I was nine years old, my great-grandmother passed, and apart from her sunlit smile, one thing that stuck were these words of hers.

Never you leave the house unless you look 'prensable'.

That's 'presentable' for you and me. And not just that, I'd be put through a military inspection. My mother took over the inspection after that. Hair always combed, seams had to line up with seams, shoes clean. I can bet we surpassed any military inspection but I digress.

So imagine the look my great grand-mother would have given me, were she told, I've just seen your great granddaughter on social media in her nightie. Phwoar! Well she'd probably have said, not my great granddaughter.

But picture the perfect pyjamas...

Hmm. I couldn't, but then I saw these black and cream tone, pebble print PJs. Easy on the eye, I made a hot date with it which also caught your attention in my stories last week. And now you know it is a Fable & Eve London cami and shorts set from their Carnaby Collection.

The cut is flattering, but it was the pockets that got me the most excited. Lightweight, roomy, the cami fits true to size, though the shorts remind me that middle age is granting me the derriere it never blessed my youth with. Sizing up may be required next time. Yes, I have eyes on another cami set. This time, the Hampstead, in pure white. Its contrasting blue piping adding a touch of sophistication. This cami and shorts set say beach villa holidays, weekend breaks and Caribbean cruise too.

And with the seasons shortly to change, maybe also the matching Carnaby pebble print long dressing gown or the Brixton floral pyjama set.

Cotton and Modal Comfort

Threads from nature make this fabric crafted from soft, breathable cotton and innovative modal, easy on the skin. Elasticated back, flat front with ribbon draw strings, it slips on easily and leaves no skin crease. It fully embraces what your sleep time requires; you lying down to rest and sleep.

And because you're wearing Fable & Eve, you can stay comfortable, confident and chic taking out the bins or answering the door to the mail carrier when the bell rings. Nightshirts and Pyjama sets that are quite frankly, shmexy, won't see you hang your head in shame should you switch on the work teams' camera accidentally. All because you're wearing Fable & Eve.

Relaxed and stylish, they move from sleepwear to loungewear to play wear with a coffee and book and a rock to Beres Hammond on a Saturday morning and back again. Long lazy weekends? Fable & Eve's grown-up nightshirts are what you'd be wearing. Choose prints drawing inspiration from the London neighbourhoods each collection is named for.

Shop from the Collection here. Plus anyone who has ordered from Fable & Eve London will attest to their speedy delivery and great customer service. Available to shop in store too, at Fenwicks, Naughty Nickers, Bentalls and other fine stockists.

Add some flair to your nightwear unless you're already wearing Fable & Eve, in which case add some more. Or, too, gift the gift of wearing Fable and Eve; they do a beautiful gift box, too.

Psst. There's a sale on you'll want to take advantage of.

And I think even granny would have approved of me wearing these stylish sleepwear from Fable and Eve on social media. Don't you? Because when wearing PJ's looks and feels this good why not?

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