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What Happens on a Cruise, Stays on the Cruise - Part 3

And to provide some distraction from her breathing she bit down on her lower lip.

Had she been walking around next to these all day?

Trying to give herself a clean break, she raised her gaze only to now lock eyes with the authority behind those lips. Harry was smiling down at her, and if she hadn't known better, she would say it was one of those knowing smiles.

As compelling as this is becoming, that is not what's going to happen here!

His hold was very much that of a man in charge as he led her through the thick mire of sunset revellers - confident and firm. Lemara didn't flinch, neither did she try to pull herself away, of course, there was nowhere for her to go, and there was just something about being in his hold that just felt right.

His body's contour against hers and that scent of his created such intensity; she now garnered unsolicited thoughts.

She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but he certainly had a flair of authority about him. And it was the way he would take charge without being condescending that was beginning to play a harmonious chord with her - the luggage cases yesterday, the shrimps not too long ago and now this.

Lemara could not quite believe it, but just then she felt she was falling for him. This was an unexpected turn of events for her. When she flew out of England two days ago, the only thing on the agenda was topping up her melanin, joining the cocktail-sipping nine to nine escapades, inhaling the fresh air of the Caribbean sea and in between all of that take in the photo-ready destinations on the itinerary. And of course, there was the matter of the one she left in London. This time away was to help her navigate that landscape; should she or shouldn't she? Instead, the only navigation been done was her fixed stare on the frame of the man now leading her by one hand out of the crowd and into open space like something out of a Hollywood film.

They walked back onto the ship together and to her room, the airconditioned hallway offering a distracting respite.

It was only now that they had arrived at her door that they released each other's hands. And as she unlocked the door, Harry reached over her left shoulder with his right hand, gently pushing the door ajar.

She could sense his body very near hers. And she turned to find herself once again, thoroughly arrested by the immediate closeness of his body. And now, even in the coolness of the hallway, could feel the heat of his body envelop her. She exhaled sharply releasing some of the electricity they had generated earlier while walking through Mallory Square.

Harry smiled a slow, sexy smile. His left hand tilting Lemara's face up to his. His eyes now searching hers as if for some answer. The ship's horn blasted signalling their departure from Key West, as the captain manoeuvred it away from the dock. And while Lemara was slightly caught off guard by the rolling sway of the ship, Harry kept his dominating composure throughout until his mobile phone went off.

Dinner in an hour and a half! Was all he said as he answered his phone and turned to walk back down the corridor towards the elevators.

Lemara's breath slowly exited her body, as she stood watching him stride down the hallway, her eyes piercing the curve in his back until he disappeared into the elevator area. A little lightheaded, knees slightly buckling, she walked into the room, flung and splayed herself across the bed, face down. The sudden, sharp jolt broke the band that held her braids in a bun all day, and as it broke, sent her braids flaring across her face. She outstretched her arms under the pillows, and as she did, she could smell him in her dress. She inhaled, long and deep, closed her eyes and moaned his name out loud three times.

Harry! Harry! Harry!
Lemaruh! Lemaruh! Lemaruh! Was the response that came back to her, and it did so from above her head.

There was only one person whom she knew pronounced her name that way, and it was the man whose name she was just calling out. But that was not possible, she had just watched him walk to the end of the hallway. Just then, she sensed the presence of another person. Her body now gripped with rigour mortice at the realisation that he had heard her calling out his name so sensually.

I wished you'd left your door opened last night! It'd have saved me the call to the US Coast Guard!

She could hear the amusement in his voice, and so she cleared the braids off her questioning face to see Harry standing over her.

With a subtle flick of his head towards the door,

You left it open!

Now more concerned about the fact that she had left her door open, she rolled onto her side and bolted upright to look at the door.

It's locked now!

Winking at Lemara, as he said that and walked around to sit on the other side of the bed with a pleasing smile on his face. A smile that made Lemara smile back.

Listen! He said and then paused.
I walked away prematurely.

It wasn't the first time for the day he had walked away prematurely, but Lemara was not about to mention that now. Instead, she saw this as an opportunity to open the closet on his phone calls. She stacked some pillows on the bed and leaned back unto the headrest, with her right foot resting on the floor, left leg akimbo on the bed.

Why was that? She asked.

But the only thing he said was, he needed to take the call. Lemara felt a little short-changed on the answer and to mask the miscalculation she got up and walked over to the minibar. She picked up a wine glass in her left hand and motioned it in Harry's direction.

I'll have whatever you're having!

Lemara took an unopened bottle of wine from the fridge. Harry was now standing next to her motioning for the bottle, which he swiftly uncorked. Lemara stood back, tilted her head sideways at Harry.

I could have done that you know!
Lemaruh, I don't doubt that, but as long as I am here, I, am happy to do it for you!
Is that so? Lemara asked as they clinked glasses.
Try me! As he raised his glass of wine to his parted lips.

Her eyes were once again glued to those hallucinating lips of his and as he tilted his head back. He said.

Don't what? She asked.
Whatever you are thinking of right this minute, don't.
How would you know what I am thinking? She asked with sarcasm in her voice.
It's been written all over your face since Mallory Square except your eyes tell me you are holding back something.
Aren't you the perceptive one Mr...? Actually, what is your last name?
Young lady, do you make a habit of walking around foreign countries all day with men whose names you do not know?

Gently tapping the tip of her nose with his glass, feigning disapproval as he said it, causing her to chuckle.

I know yours. He continued to say. Just like I knew I wanted you ever since I laid eyes on you in Fort Lauderdale. And when I have you, it is going to be one hundred per cent of you.
Fuck! (Was all Lemara could muster as her breath caught in her throat).
Ah, that is indeed going to happen, just not this moment.

And he clinked his glass with hers with that all too familiar authoritative air about him. Lemara definitely loved that about him, that and his perceptiveness and the absolute ease with which she felt when she was around him.

Right now young lady, I need to leave you to get ready for dinner, which is now in an hour.

Looking at his watch as he said this. He finished his wine and strode towards the door. As he passed her open wardrobe, he said.

And wear that red dress, it's 'Evening chic Night!'

Three red dresses were hanging in the wardrobe, but Lemara instinctively knew which one he meant.

One hour later.

There was a knock at the door, and having lost track of time, Lemara walked half-dressed to the peephole. It was Harry, in a midnight blue tuxedo, the top two buttons of his crisp white poplin shirt undone and a pair of calfskin Oxfords that seemed to outshine the corridor lights. And once again, looking like something out of an Ralph Lauren Mag. And even through the peephole, she could distinguish the tux was sophisticatedly tailored, she'd go as far as saying it was bespoke and made for him.

Shit! Shit! Shit!
Lemaruh, I really hope that's not what you're doing at the door! Joking from the outside.
Sorry, hang on! I wasn't expecting you back so soon.

She dashed back to the bed, where her dress laid, slid into it and got the zipper most of the way done by the time she got back to the door to open it.

It is 19:50...

And Harry's voice trailed off.

Wow! You. Look... Whoever the man is walking next to you tonight is very fortunate! Ah, that just happens to be me!
Thank you, you do look dashing yourself, but this is not the dress I am wearing tonight.
Is this another of your jests, young lady?

Lemara laughed in acknowledgement as she turned to walk back into the room, he now had a full view of her naked back and some of her lacey intimates that peaked above the partly zipped low cut dress. Harry following closely behind, closed the door but could scarcely contain himself, transfixed by the vision in front of him.

His fragrance lit up the room as if it was a sales counter for Chanel beauty products. Recognising the scent, she stopped dead in her tracks and spun back around to him.

Platinum Egoiste! You are wearing Chanel Platinum Egoiste!
I think you will find I am wearing a lot more than that Lemaruh because if I wasn't, we would certainly not be standing a foot apart at this moment.
And which foot would we be referring to? Taking a teasing step closer to him.

Harry reached out for both her wrists and kept her at arm's length, wholly absorbed by the woman in front of him. Spaghetti straps held the barely-there low cowl neckline in place, and his eyes traced the rest of the dress over the incredibly feminine silhouette of her curves down to the floor and back up to her eyes.

Lemara could feel the heat of his eyes down her body, and it made her tingle. Once more, they held each others' gaze. Harry took both her palms in his left hand and moved them closer, her hands were now touching on centre court. She exhaled sharply at his unsuspecting game. With his right hand, he reached around her back, and slid his fingers down her spine, pausing to splay his fingers so that the tips now rested just at the top of her intimates bringing a wave of arousal to the game. His left cheek now caressing the right side of her face, he nips on her earlobe and murmurs...

You make me VERY hard... Tempting every fibre of my resilience.

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