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Going Korean at Kimchee London

Surrendering to all things Korean at the moment! Korean popular music, Korean dramas, the language, it was therefore only a matter of time that this carried over to Korean cuisine.

Beef Dolsot Bibimbap is the first of any known Korean meal I tried. Its got beef, vegetables, sticky rice and I opted for a raw egg on top! It's brought to the table sizzling hot in a stone pot which continues to cook the egg! Add to that red chili paste. This is a meal on its own.

At the bottom of the pot, the rice is crisp where it continued cooking long after being brought to the table. Reminded me of my great, grandmother's home cooking.

In my head, kimchi is served hot. This side dish of kimchi was cold, spicy and a firmly identifiable fish flavour. There's no waiting for the spice in this traditional Korean staple to kick in. The chili in this fermented cabbage side dish goes straight through your taste buds like a wrecking ball! Kimchi hits your sensories in two ways. The first being the smell - it is pungent!

A more delicate palette, should leave the kimchi until last so as to fully appreciate the flavours from the rest of your meal.

Like a moth to a flame, there was no resisting a portion of fried chicken. These were nicely flavoured, juicy inside and crispy on the outside. 'Grease' is not the word here!

I'd bring my friends here without the fear of 'Is this really fried chicken?' A definite 'put the chopsticks down, eat with your fingers, everyone get your own, because these are too good to share fried chicken.' These were accompanied by a choice of one of three sauces: plain, soya and garlic or hot and spicy.

A raspberry soju cocktail completed the Korean meal journey. A concoction of raspberries, raspberry liquor, lemonade and the most important ingredient - Soju! Soju is Korea's national drink, a colourless spirit likened closest to vodka but with a lower alcohol content.

A few of these will leave you the right side of breezy.

Dined at both Kimchee Holborn and St Pancras and on both occasions arrived before the venues got overly busy.

Kimchee is a chic and modern Korean restaurant with an easygoing atmosphere!

- Good for: Spending time with friends over inexpensive enjoyable meals.

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