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For Hēdoïnes Only

It's bitingly cold out. Going out calls for covering up from head to toe three times over.

A beanie over a skull cap. Body warmer under a t-shirt, a jumper under a coat and scarf and trousers over those longjohns.

But sometimes, like today, I want to lose the longjohns, get my mini skater dress on and stick my pins on show.

Except, to do so requires a pair of tights. And then I remembered, the pack of opaque, black tights I bought last are nearer ash than black. And though I'd spent hours (okay, my lunch break, still it is a lot of my time) on the shop floor, mulling over which of that brand's size I'd best fit into, when I do put a pair on, the crotch of the tights sit nearer my knees.

Oh dear Gawd, let me not have to run for any public transport today.

The pack before that, well, only a belt and a set of men's braces would get those to sit right.

But hose, pantyhose, hosiery, stocking, stay-ups, whatever you call them, it's their season. The cold months' staple that takes over from the goddess of leg love in the summer, helping us keep our pins out in the winter.

Crotch to crotch, skin on skin, smooth, warm... Yes, tights with all this spunk fill my fantasies.

And yes, my dreams are naughty. Therefore when Santa rang my doorbell, I expected coals for my stocking. Except this Santa sleighed differently, with a 'Hēdoïne' of a stocking filler of everything I covet.

Hēdoïne, you see, are obsessed with all things hosiery. On an unending quest to eliminate ride-downs, pills, sags, tangles, twists and start-overs. And rightly so because we, the hosiery-wearing brigade, deserve better. Not only the product but the packaging too. Here, I feel certain Hēdoïne stopped short of a silky-ribbon pull on the sleek black box they package their tights in.

Reinforced toe on toes, I rolled my tights up, something silky soft layering my skin. One leg follows the other becoming Nude in Spicy Praline.


I hear myself say, feeling I am wearing something very different.

Seamless and oh gusset free, an absolute game changer for me. Get a pair, put them on, 'see' what I mean. Silky soft too, smooth, none of that multipack feel. I wore them all day, no roll-downs or sags; these Hēdoïne tights stayed where I'd put them on. Got in, got undressed but kept them on because they wore like skin—all delightful features of the awesome tights Hēdoïne are creating.

Hēdoïnes are very much your buy less but buy better tights. No single-use and throw-away here. Equal in being both luxury item and sustainable product. A fashion brand where sustainability is practised, isn't an afterthought but runs through every yarn. Take a scroll on their web page and feel their pride bursting through. And rightly so. Where consideration of and mindfulness towards the environment is painstakingly addressed at every stage of the manufacturing process. Because, why should they be shy about that?

And having read through their sustainable development, you too will want to extend the life of your tights, washing them in a delicates laundry bag and storing them in a Hēdoïne satin pouch.

It is unlikely you'll be asked what brand of tights you wear—the less thought-of but much-endured staple in any woman's wardrobe. Hēdoïne changes the narrative on this to something special. A club for those seeking long-term and fulfilling leg love. Not tights that ladder and sag at the first hurdle. But only Hēdoïnes, know of this one-of-a-kind experience legs adore. And because our legs adore them, you'll feel the need to share, subscribe even.

Yes, I bet you never thought you needed a subscription to tights, but once you've tried these, that is exactly what you'd do. I've linked to their handy size guide here to get you started. If, as I did, you fall in between sizes (e.g. height in one category and weight in another), size up.

Looks good, feels great on, and stays up all day, what more does any stocking wearing woman want? A good leg romance, is my answer to that.

But do tap this link, choose a pair, or get a bundle and at checkout, add my code AWTGIRL for your discount and the Hēdoïne in you.

Oh, remember, my legs not included.

Gifted: Tights from The Nude range in Spicy Praline

Ladder Resistant and Shaping

Waistband: High

Truth is, you'd be forever grateful for being introduced to Hēdoïne. Possibly even wondering why you hadn't come across them before.

Should you buy an item, I may earn an affiliate commission.

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