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Its Time For You To Meet Josanne Mark

Its time for you to meet Josanne Mark and her custom jewellery, that's if you haven't already met her.

When I was introduced to this creative and her beguiling pieces, I was incredulous having discovered she is from the island of Trinidad.

I mention Trinidad, and already I know your mind has partied off to some rhythmic soca tune. You are holding onto a sunset coloured rum-infused drink, causing your eyebrows to raise with an expression no words can recreate, and your memory replays videos to those beach dives off the island that stays with you.

Trinidad is indeed all of those and has undoubtedly contributed to the inspiring backdrop for this Trinidadian jewellery designer - Josanne Mark.

As Josanne says and I quote.

'Anything and everything can be of inspiration to me; all objects and textures, manmade or existing in nature.'

Her Jewellery Love Story

If you have thus far, managed to disengage from the above and have tapped over to her website, I can almost hear you.

Your Oohs! and Your Ohs!

Because her designs have inspired a wave of arousal, placing your breathing on pause. Her 'ooh pieces' have showcased themselves on numerous occasions between the pages of everything from Caribbean Belle to Vogue. So now, I feel as though I am punching above my weight being allowed to collaborate on this post.

There's no waiting at the railway crossing for a heritage or generations of jewellers to be uncovered. And that's just it; you could race through the history of her Atelier as quickly as a Formula One car because she is pretty young. The sparks of her creativity and unabashed designs have been beautifully colliding into masterpieces since 2005. But it was 2015 when she cemented her international presence, launching her website

Young, vibrant and creative, just like her pieces, will immediately see you add them to the jewellery section of your wedding journal or at best commit to writing your Christmas list as early May. But gone are the days you waited on special occasions to bejewel yourself because Josanne creates her pieces to be worn every day, yesterday—the only accessories needed in or out of this pandemic.

How She Pays Homage

The very landscape laid out around her island home guides her creations.

She embraces this beautifully in statement pieces such as the Aged Bronze Driftwood Cuff, (from the Toco Collection) reminiscent of the glossy moss that makes its home in the washed-up wood drifting along the coast.

It is sure to be the only arm candy you will need on your next Zoom wine and cheese party. Your only deliberation being whether to purchase the aged bronze or bright sterling silver cuff.

The scape for inspiration is limitless living on an island in the Caribbean. Driftwood on the beach is just a starter; she has also claimed inspiration from the seafloor.

Here is her amplification of those graceful sea fans that sway in the shallows into a pair of dazzling silver earrings dipped in gold. These Angular Sea Fan Ear Pendants are designed to bring a smack of glam to your ears.

It is noble yet striking!

Behind God Back Collection

I must tell you; I smiled when I read that. A very West Indian term that when translated, refers to a remote location. And being remote, it remains on the path less travelled, full of undiscovered creations, awe, intrigue. Or as Josanne refers to it 'untamed beauty.' There are other translations also, but we prefer these. I am piqued too, to learn that our islands shared such a term.

These minimalist yet eye-catching gems are beautiful everyday wear, wearing with anything. The styling of this pair of 'Forest Huggie Hoop Earrings' from her Behind God Back collection is easily done. Style on their own to showcase their sophisticated look or stack alongside a pair of studs or drop earrings for a bit of edge. Pin your hair back and flirt with your earlobes in that zoom meeting. Your colleagues will be showering you with compliments by the time the session ends.

Hug your earlobes with one of two finishes: the shimmering sterling silver finish or the 18k gold vermeil.

Oh and that's pronounced ver may, meaning it had a healthy coating in a bath of gold.

Forever With You Collection

Unless you had Josanne masterfully design and bring to life, a pair of cufflinks for keepsake. Or the ring you desire to encircle the finger of your bride to be (because Josanne also does that), the Forever With You Collection is one of her more humble but may well be one of the more meaningful and personal of her creations you'll wear.

Added to a sterling silver necklace or bracelet is a metal disc, personalised to the wearer. Have the disc stamped with their birthstone, engraved with their initials, etched with their fingerprint. Because what is there more personal than a fingerprint? A gift that sure stirs the emotions of the receiver as much as the eyes of the admirers.

Ready to Purchase

Josanne's current collection is meticulously handcrafted and made to order in her workshop in Trinidad and Tobago-where else? Her creations forged from ethically sourced materials - recycled silver, freshwater pearls, aged bronze metals.

There's a pint-sized delay before you can be married to your chosen piece. A small price you'd willingly agree to and pay for jewellery that is being custom made. Although Josanne tells me she will shortly be adding 'a ready to wear collection' to her site. I call that instant gratification.

For The Love of Her Alluring Jewellery Here is hoping you are enamoured with one of her unique pieces, maybe even two and have now gone off to her website for an early Christmas treat to yourself, a friend, a family member.

Oh, what the heck another for yourself.

Share the love! Shop here

Disclaimer: I do not earn any commissions from the sale of any items from the links affiliated to this post.

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