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Quarantine Quick Pan-Fried Tortellini

Wanting something quick, warm and crisp?

Here's an effortless recipe that can be tailored to any palette be it spicy, savoury or otherwise!

There isn't a lot to this dish, matter of fact we came about the crispy version when my daughter omitted to switch the cooker off. It was an accident, no shame in saying that!

Though on first appearance it may suggest it's been created by a professional.

The terrific news is - there are only three ingredients and it takes less than fifteen minutes! It's music to your ears with more time to dance to it.


☑️ 1 x 250g La Famiglia Rana Prosciutto Cotta & Mozzarella Tortellini ☑️ 6 x Strips of streaky smokey bacon ☑️ 2 x Tablespoons Sharwoods Rogan Josh sauce


1️⃣ Add a dash of salt to a pan of water and bring to the boil. Add pack of tortellini to the boiling water and leave to cook for no more than two minutes.

2️⃣ Heat a good nonstick frying pan.

3️⃣ Quickly pan-fry the bacon in its own fat (or grill in the microwave). Once crispy remove bacon from pan and set aside.

4️⃣ Drain the tortellini and coat in the sauce. Add to the hot frying pan. (If bacon was done in the microwave add butter to the frying pan). This is to prevent the tortellini from sticking.

5️⃣ Pan-fry for five minutes or until crispy. Top with the crispy bacon and diced red bell pepper.

It is flavoursome; it smells divine and adds some crunch to what would have been an everyday bowl of tortellini! Ideal as a snack, lunch or quick dinner.

Oh! And as this dish is so versatile, it can be swapped for your favourite brand of tortellini and play around with varying sauces. Same dish, different flavours.

This recipe serves 2

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