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Quarantine Quick Air-fried Steak

The quarantine may have given us more time to spend in the kitchen and learn new skills!

But also the opportunity to develop the skills we already knew; toil less over the cooker and eat more. So as I perfected my medium done steak today, it was only fair that I should share with you.

As with my previous quarantine quick recipes, this requires less than three ingredients.


✅ 2 x Ribeye Steaks approximately 820g (lovely thick pieces)

✅ 1 x tbsp sunflower oil

✅ Salt and crushed black pepper to taste

Garnish: Red chilli pepper and spring onions (optional

Sauce / Dip: Cucumber Raita

But how long for your air fryer steaks? And yes there is a little flipping involved.


1️⃣ With the salt and pepper, season the steak to taste and let it rest for as long as you choose.

2️⃣ Brush both sides of the steaks with cooking oil.

3️⃣ Place the steaks in Airfryer and cook for five minutes on 175 degrees. Turn the steaks and cook for another five minutes on 200 degrees.

(The latter gives the steak its gorgeous dark caramel colour on the outside. It also adds that bit of crispiness to the outside. The inside remains moist and pleasurably pink.)

4️⃣ Allow the steak to rest for ten minutes, garnish with chopped red chilli peppers and spring onions.

Perfect Air Fryer Steak
Perfect Air Fryer Steak

We ate this with frites from Marks and Spencer, also air-fried and homemade raita to counter any heat from the chillies.

If any leftovers from the steak and there are not likely to be any but if so:

a) slice thinly and add to a salad - steak salad,

b) slice into chunks and add to a bun - steak sandwich

This method is a quick, easy, stress-free and mess-free option!

Air Fryer Steak, nicely plated
Air Fryer Steak Recipe

Serves 2.


Note 1 - Vonshef Airfryer based temperature and times

Note 2 - Raita recipe is over ten years old, but there are suitable available recipes on the net.

Disclaimer - This is not an advert for any of the products mentioned.

And now that you know you can air fry steaks, give this recipe a try. Let me know in the comments below how it came out. What would you do different?

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