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What Happens on A Cruise, Stays on The Cruise - Part 10

Welcome to your suite LHR! Joshua's seductive Captain's voice on.

Spinning Lemara around, sealing the door shut as he caged her to it. His bedroom eyes on, as he tilted her face to meet his and sealed his lips down on hers. Her beach bag fell to the floor as her arms went up around his neck. His hands went up under her kimono around her hips and inside the straps of her bikini bottoms.

Her chest pained under the two quick breaths she took in one. One for the fire Joshua was fanning the other for the tension he was causing.

You're going to rip that. She muttered through their heated embrace.
Em, I've wanted to do that all day. He boasted.

His hands greedily splayed around her hips, fingers clenched on those lower cheeks that had been tempting him all day. The tension gave way on her left hip. The air on her behind suddenly cooler after her bikini bottom fell to the floor. Yet her front was significantly warmer from the heat of Joshua's impaling parts penetrating through his shorts and directly onto her.

Lemara untangled their tongues and pulled back.

I'll get you another—Joshua mouth before reconnecting his tongue with hers.

But will it be a Julia Hart Collectable - was her immediate thought?

The sound of a sharp knock on the door reverberated through her back. Her breath stopped short, and Joshua held still. He held onto her with his right arm, his left forefinger going up vertically against her pursed lips—playfulness in his eyes, neither saying anything.

Housekeeping? A male voice choired.

Joshua glanced through the peephole and quietly teased.

Your butler and entourage is here with your wardrobe.

Lemara's breath held at the word butler, but then the door lock rustled.

Joshua stifled a loud enough yes for the staff outside the door to hear while he maintained their positions just inside it. His lips brushing the nape of her neck, causing her to tickle. His body in support of her falling over in amusement.

The rustle on the door stopped. Joshua stepped back and stooped to her knees.

Lift your leg. His voice lowered, rubbing on the outside of Lemara's right thigh and looking up at her.
Joshua? Her eyes in mild astonishment.

He skillfully tapped the back of her right knee, causing her leg to bend. He slid the bikini bottom off her leg and held it up on his fingers like some trophy, smiling a slow sexy smile. She clasped a hand over her mouth and smiled sheepishly.

Em, what did you think I was doing? As he got up, teased a smack on her hip.

He shoved the bikini bottom in his pocket and moved to open the door, as his eyes rode over her sheer kimono.

Oo, stand behind me. Joshua instructed as he opened the door.
What? Why? Lemara quizzed back.

Joshua opened the door for the butler, his assistant and two bell boy trolleys.

Stand behind me. Joshua looked back at her and repeated.

The butler greeted Joshua and introduced himself to Lemara. A breath of relief when it was a Gerard that filed through the door and not James.

They showed themselves to the bedroom, and wardrobes and Joshua closed the door.

You are naked. Glancing down to where her bikini bottoms once served as window blinds.

Lemara looked down at herself, stunned to see the sheerness of the material sans bikini bottoms did not require any flights of fancy.

Nothing I'm willing to share with your butler and his help. His tone pointed, his face unquestioning.

Joshua's phone rang out, swiftly followed by Lemara's, and subsequently by an incoming message on both their phones.

Your sister!

They both recited in unison. Lemara grabbed hold of her beach bag and the phone. Joshua preferred she ignored it, but knowing Julia, she'd only continue to call.

Joshua, she will simply keep calling.
Switch it off. Joshua was stern.

Lemara found her phone and answered the call on the third call back. Joshua buried his face on the far side of Lemara's.

Hey hun, how are you?
Hey, why did you take so long to answer what were you guys up to?

A beep came through, and Julia was now requesting for her to switch the call over to Whatsapp video.

You mean you guys are wearing clothes?

Joshua looked up to see the slightly longer-haired version of himself, buzzing away on the screen. Her pixie haircut pronouncing her facial features and freshly coiffed, as if she just stepped out of the hair salon. He shook his head and strode off to the bedroom.

Where's he gone? I need to speak to him.
Whatever my sister has to say, I don't want to know.
I heard that.
You were meant to.
I need to borrow your car.

Joshua heard the comment and broke his stride.

That's a NO—his tone firm.
Josh-u-a! She yelled down the phone.

Causing Lemara to squint and place the phone at arm's length to reduce the volume that punched through to her eardrums. In doing so, the camera was now capturing their suite, and Julia gushed.

Wow, you guys, is that your suite? You have enough space for one more person. Oh, my Gawd Em, can I join you guys?
You'll have to ask your brother. Lemara joked.
Ugh, you know what he's going to say.

Lemara turned the camera around on herself and smiled at Julia.

Em, was that a baby grand I just saw?

Lemara shook her head, lips pursed, face lit up.

So have you guys shagged on it yet? Julia jested.

Lemara burst out laughing. She liked Julia for that; she'd go from A direct to Z, the other twenty-four letters in between irrelevant. She was nothing like Joshua, who articulated his words. Transparent while Joshua was, unreadable. You'd never guess they were cut from the same cloth, much more twins.

She went through relationships like cups of coffee. As soon as the temperature dropped, it was time for a new one. Yet, most of her exes remained in contact, which gave her a Wikipedia of admirers of the who's who.

Not surprising then that Joshua was his mother's favourite, while Julia couldn't do any wrong in her father's eyes. Except their father had passed away in their late teens and Julia became the unsettled version of her twin brother.

They were both intelligent, but Julia was arguably the smarter of the two with two degrees under her belt. Not least because she achieved one whilst undertaking a Masters. However, none of those was in practice. You would never guess her smarts just by looking, but it would be clear within a minute of talking to her. She trained four years to be a doctor but after one year of being on a hospital ward - gave it up. It interfered with her social life she had said. And Julia had a social life. Joshua, on the other, dedicated to a cause and followed things through, fought tooth and nail for what he wanted. Julia crashed out at the first sign of a chipped nail.

Her mother Eleanor, always disliked that about her. But Lemara loved her great sense of style, they had the same sense of humour and she was so unbuttoned. Nothing like her twin. But Julia was also a lucky woman because she just happened to be to meet all the right people at the all the right times.

Her triggers with her mother regularly left her spurting words that Joshua would be quick to remind her she cannot take back. In some way that had brought Julia and Lemara close as they both sensed they fell on the wrong side of Eleanor. Julia for giving up on her career in medicine and Lemara for well, not having a sufficiently important career, as Joshua's ex-wife did.

But Lemara soon found herself the pendulum that swung nicely between her man and his twin sister.

Hun, where is your car. Julia asked whispering.
Is Josh there?
No, he went to the bedroom.
Had an accident. It really wasn't my fault this time.
Shit hun what happened?
I was driving down the motorway, when this lunatic moved into the fast lane at the pace of a Mekong Delta chug. Can you believe it? I honked and when he didn't clear the way I ended up slamming my brakes. But it was raining so the car spun out of control.
Ooh, I take it you're okay?
I am, thankfully.
When did it happen?
About five o'clock this morning.
Where on earth were you going at that time of the morning? Lemara was now whispering.
I fell out with Bradley, so I left.
What happened there, or should I not ask?
He farted in bed.

Lemara heard her laugh hit the back of the suite and come back to her as she walked over to sit in the lounge.

I mean, can you believe it? How do you do that next to a goddess like me? So it goes without saying, we exchanged a few words and I left.
Did you not give him the spiel hun? And where's your other car?
Took it to the body shop yesterday. Still whispering.
Hey, he's coming back. Their whisper lifted.

Joshua strolled out of the bedroom behind the butler and his assistant, who was leaving and came to a standstill behind Lemara.

Whatever you and my sister are planning, it's a no.
Em, can you do me a favour please hun, can you shag his brains out and ask him then?
He's caught on to that tactic hun.

Looking down the screen at his sister. He was curt with his response.

There are only two winners in that plan of yours, and you're looking at them.
Sorry... Lemara quickly mouthed to her.

He took the phone off Lemara, looked his sister in the eye.

Go sort your mess out and leave Lemara out of it. And whatever you do, DO. NOT. DRIVE. MY. CAR.

On that note, Joshua ended the video call.

She is impossible. What has she done to her car now? He was now walking back to the bedroom.
Had a little accident.
She's had another accident and wants to drive my car. This is her third accident in as many years, one of which involved mine. If I flew planes like she drove cars, l'd be out of a job. Turning back to Lemara. And you'd be out of a man.

Lemara remained seated in quiet contemplation.

His chest heaved slightly out of despair under his t-shirt, as he walked away to the bedroom, undressing himself shirt first. He sometimes despaired at his sister's laxness.

Shortly after that, Lemara heard the shower go. She remained quiet; this wasn't one of those situations she wanted to tinker between. She knew how Joshua felt about his vehicles. Even though his newest ride was one he got a real deal on, as a result of one of Julia's admirers.

She now gave her attention to the layout of their suite. As you walked into Harry's, the baby grand and dinner table were off to the left, with the bedroom on the right, it was the other way around in their suite.

Good afternoon ladies and gents, this is Captain Cantieri speaking. We will be departing Costa Maya slightly later than planned. One of our organised tours is running a little late returning to the ship. I expect we would be leaving port around seven. For those of you onboard, our 'White Night Event' will get on the way as planned.

His Italian accent sounded much tighter over the intercom than when they spoke last night in person.

Through the undrawn curtain glass walls, Lemara looked out at the port of Costa Maya and wondered if Harry was back onboard.

Em, did you pack enough pairs of shoes?

Lemara was on her way to the verandah when Joshua's voice full of amusement, penetrated her thoughts.

She smiled broadly and changed her direction to the bedroom. Joshua stood over her footwear, both hands holding a towel draping down his front and looked over at her as she walked into their walk-in closet.

Five pairs of sandals; a pair of trainers; four pairs of heels and a pair of espadrilles. She rattled off as she passed him and slapped his wet untowelled bum on her way to the shower. Oh and the loafers that I flew in.

As Lemara was setting the temperature on the left shower of their double shower room, a white shirt hanging on her side of the closet smacked her attention. It was Harry's shirt, the one she had been wearing earlier that morning, the one she walked back to her room in. Thinking she couldn't simply go and move it, she had to get Joshua away from where he was before it caught his attention.

But he was now shouting something to her that was inaudible against the rainshower she just switched on.

What did you say? She peeped out from the bathroom.
Five pairs of heels. He was saying.
I brought four.

Lemara came out of the bathroom, lined up next to Joshua as in some military exercise, her face a little perplexed.

I count four. Lemara retorted.
Five. Turning around to a blue shoebox on his side of the wardrobe.
Ohhh my Gawwddd! Her eyes like serving platters as she recognised the box.
How did you know? Flinging her arms around his neck and mopping the remainder of his body with hers that he had not yet dried.

The white shirt belonging to Harry, forgotten.

Its an early birthday present. Julia said you loved them and were going to treat yourself for your birthday. So I thought I'd surprise you.
I love you! She said through an armada of kisses. Unleashing Joshua to prize her box open.

She opened the box to discover the pair of Malone Souliers' in wine and gold she had oozed over for a week. A smile permanently setting across her face. Literally, now head over those heels—and their effortless silhouette of seductive curves elevated by the double gold straps across the top.

Like a Reverend removing a newborn from the clasp if its gloating parents, Lemara removed the heels from the box, one by one. And like a blessing of baptism, graced her feet with them, becoming slightly exalted as she did so.

Actually, I think I love your sister more. She joked.
Is that so? Let's see if she can take you up to thirty-two thousand feet.
She just did. Laughing into the shoe box, she was now holding and kicking up her right leg behind her into a sexy pose.
Do you like it? She asked in a frolicsome tone.
I'm happy if you are.
I'm more than happy. She gushed. These are like an orgasm in a box.

Joshua raised his eyelids ever so briefly in a flash of excitement.

Make sure to wear them to bed tonight!

Captain Cantieri and his lusty Italian pierced through the ship's loudspeaker once more.

Good afternoon from the bridge, we are updating you on our delayed departure! It seems we will be delayed by a further hour here in Costa Maya. We are doing what we can to get our guests back on board. Until then, please continue to enjoy your cruise, and we will keep you informed accordingly.
Does that mean we will be late getting into Cozumel? Or will we skip the port all together since we already have to depart there earlier than planned?

Lemara was now gracefully removing the heels.

Good question but isn't Cozumel near here? If the ship is not delayed for an extended period, it may be a case of us having to sail a little faster.

Captain Hart went into work mode. Having dealt with his share of delayed flight departures for any number of reasons. Everything from lack of deicing fluid, to no cutlery loaded for first-class, to a flight attendant, suddenly developing a fear of flying.

By the way, Lemara voiced as she walked back to the shower.
Guess who got invited to the bridge? Me. Lemara beamed from the door to the shower.
Did you now? Slightly raising his eyebrow.
Have you been?
Not yet, suppose we can go later...

Joshua raised his finger (the same one he raised over her lips earlier) leaned his head slightly to the side.

I think your phone is going hun!
Can you get it for me, please?

As he headed off to pick up her phone, he pointed into her wardrobe and asked.

Is that one of my shirts?


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